“An original and clever twist on the traditional ball and cup game.”David Cain, Juggling Historian
"An exciting new addition to the world of skill toys."Todd Strong, Author 'The Diabolo Book'
"The flow is strong in this toy!"Kevin Axtell, World Renowned Fire & Flow Artist
"It's finger clicking good!"Donald Grant, Kendama Expert



What Is a Ringdama?

Every culture has their version of the ball and cup game. The RingDama is the next step in the evolution of an ancient tradition of toys. Utilizing elements of popular toys like the KenDama and Yo-Yo, the RingDama builds on those concepts by making the toy a part of you. By placing the ring on your finger, it becomes an extension of your body.

The RingDama consists of four parts: the ball, the ring, the string, and the adjustable strap. The cup straps firmly to your finger with a comfortable strap, and is also connected to the cup with a pliable 18″ string. The length of the string allows you to swing the ball in any direction, and the cup’s multi-groove base is specially crafted to allow you to catch the ball with infinite possibilities.

It’s more than just a game. The RingDama provides satisfying flow techniques, impressive trick opportunities, and even has zen-like meditative effects. The best part is that the RingDama accommodates all ages* and skill levels.

*Ages 8+

Now This Is How It's Done!

What Are People Saying About RingDama?

People are already raving about RingDama. Check out some of the articles below to see some of the praise!

Centerline Media Logo> Dan Holzman delivers new RingDama skill toy at Toy Fair

> “As a skill toy it is great. It’s ultra portable and fun.”

> “…a great addition to any juggler’s prop bag and skill set.”

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Meet The Inventor

Dan Holzman

Hi. My name is Dan Holzman, and I love toys! Especially skill-toys! I love playing with toys so much that I made it my career by becoming a professional juggler.

18 years ago I decided I wanted to create a toy of my own. Something that could stand along with the Yo-Yo and Kendama as a true skill toy, where the more you played with it the better you got. My first attempt was called the Volcanoball www.vocanoball.com Even though I feel as if the Volcanoball succeeded as a skill-toy, it still failed to catch on with the general public. It was too juggling based, and beginners ended up spending as much time chasing after dropped balls as they did playing with it.  So, after finally selling out my initial run of 5000 over a 7 year period it was back to the drawing board.

I wanted a toy that was portable enough to carry in your pocket, with the ball attached by a string, so no matter how many times you made a mistake, you would never have to chase after it.  A toy that was simple to learn, fun to master, and offered endless possibilities. Finally after many more years of trial and error “Eureka” like the old Greek dudes used to say, in 2016 the Ringdama was born. A toy that combined many of my favorite flow and play activities: Yo-Yo, Kendama, and Poi Swinging.

Now like the Green Lantern’s ring or the one Bilbo the Hobbit was so fond of, you too can have a ring of power. You can have power to entertain yourself no matter where you happen to be, the power to create new tricks and express yourself. But, most importantly the power to have fun! I hope you enjoy the Ringdama as much as I do, and I look forward to the tricks and community that will develop as more people get a chance to get a Ringmada of their own.

Wear it like a ring. Play it like a toy.

Dan “The Ringdama Guy” Holzman

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